Jude Nixon is a visual artist, primarily working in paint, mixed media and drawing, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art. In 2021 Jude was elected as a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland.

Since moving to Scotland in 2011, her practice has focussed on exploring the beauty of remote places and northern seas. She is drawn to elemental subjects and seeks to capture the intense power of exposed northern landscapes and shorelines. Her work is site-responsive and typically involves extensive fieldwork research (walking, drawing, collecting material) alongside a dedicated studio practice. Working in a quick loose way, responding to the process, she welcomes and yet seeks to control the accidental within her work, balancing expressive energy with sensitivity to detail.

Jude uses a wide range of traditional and non traditional materials including; graphite, gesso, size, pigments and varnishes. By playing with scale, medium, technique and colour she seeks to blur the boundaries between the ‘representational’ and the abstract. Her work reflects an understanding of place that extends beyond the immediate aesthetic to explore the forces of nature and the history which has shaped and marked them. She looks for traces of what is left behind, the residual and discarded.

Exhibitions and group shows

Nov 2023 Ebb and Flow Solo Exhibition Northlight Gallery, Stromness Orkney
July 2023 Horizons: a group exhibition Tatha Gallery, Newport on Tay
April 2023 WEST Visual Arts Scotland Annual Show Briggate Glasgow
Sept 2022 Solo Exhibition Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
July 2022 Elemental: a two person exhibition with Jackie Higgs at St Margarets House Edinburgh
Dec 2021 Society of Scottish Artists 123 Annual Exhibition. RSA Edinburgh
Nov 2021 Fragile Futures: Two women exhibition with Mary Walters Upright Gallery Edinburgh
Oct 2021 SURGE Visual Arts Scotland/Tatha Gallery, Newport on Tay, Group Exhibition
Dec 2020 Society of Scottish Artists 30 x 30 Online Exhibition
Dec 2020 FLOW Visual Arts Scotland Winter online Exhibition
Sept 2019 Studio show Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
Aug 2019 Traces with Jacqui Higgs, St Margarets Gallery, Edinburgh
Sept 2018 Studio show Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
Sept 2016 Studio show Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
June 2016 Contemporary Art Practice End of Year exhibition Patriothall, Edinburgh
Nov 2015 RSA Open Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
Sept 2015 Studio show Artwalk Porty, 21 Bath St, Portobello, Edinburgh
June 2015 Leith School of Art Summer Exhibition LSA Edinburgh